Rx Drug Take Back


Bring your unused or outdated prescription or OTC meds to the Law Enforcement Center in your county!

Richland Law Enforcement
 413 3rd Ave N
 Wahpeton, ND
 1st Floor ~ South Lobby
 642 - 7711

Wilkin Law Enforcement
 315 Dacotah Ave
 Breckenridge, MN
 Main Entrance
 643 - 8544

Wahpeton Drug
508 Dakota Avenue
 Wahpeton, ND
 Drop at Pharmacy

Before depositing your unused or outdated Rx or OTC Meds:

  • No containers; dump meds in a ziplock baggie
  • No Needles
  • Leave liquid meds in bottle and place in a sealed ziplock baggie
  • Do not put in trash can or flush them, it’s not good for the environment
  • Don’t hold on to them; they could be a temptation for someone to steal
  • Keep them out of sight, out of the reach of children & in a secure place
  • Be careful what you post. Many people can use your Facebook page to see if you’ve posted about a medical procedure that would cause you to need painkillers
  • Report to Law Enforcement if you notice your Medications are missing

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